What does the scientist Nikola Tesla have to do with the invention of modern electric systems – Física 10º

The teacher presents a video about the importance of electrical energy in the modern world, using the following text as an introduction:

Electrical energy is observed in nature, in electrical storms that generate great quantities of energy, which makes it very difficult to store it and take advantage of it for different everyday life uses. There are many types of energy like wind, geothermal and hydroelectric energy, among others, which allow us to obtain electrical energy…Could you imagine your life today without electricity? What would it be of your videogames? Could you listen to music, watch TV, connect to the internet, and keep your food refrigerated? Could you charge your cell phone or speak on a wireless phone?

(Retrieved from ISAGEN. https://youtu.be/YWEXLSjaYf0)

After watching the video, the teacher will make the following question, which students must answer individually: How do you think today’s world would be without electrical energy?

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